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Umbraco vs. DotNetNuke

18.10.2012 No comments

Among website administration systems developed for ASP.NET platform, Umbraco and DotNetNuke are the most popular. At the official site of Umbraco it is said that 85 000 websites were created on this platform. The DNN users’ community numbers nearly one million people.

Umbraco is a general-purpose website administration system, on the basis of which it is possible to create websites of any area and complexity. Since 2005 the system has been published with the open source code and it is free of charge.


Dutch programmer Niels Hartvig began the development of this platform and nowadays a group of developers under Niels’s leadership continues that with the help of a large designers’ community.

In contrast to many site administration systems, Umbraco is not a complete software solution that can be used immediately after installation. You cannot start editing the site content without preparation operations. But it is a very simple and easy-to-use environment for developers, that allows to create a website that is appropriate for a specific situation.

DotNetNuke is a web content management system (WCMS) of the latest generation that combines all best achievements in the field of web-project building.

DotNetNuke is spread as software with an open source code and it is licensed on the basis of BSD Agreement. This agreement allows getting this software free of charge for all users. In addition, licensing allows independent developers to make changes in basic designation and release their own IT-solutions as commercial projects with the condition not to shift responsibility for impacts on the DotNetNuke developers.

DotNetNuke ® is based on Microsoft Technology ASP.NET, it is easy to install and use. With the ever-growing community of developers, DotNetNuke has received recognition from more than 600,000 users and IT professionals worldwide. DNN has good informational and technical support.

DotNetNuke is designed to help users to manage all sections of their projects more easily. A mechanism of content-tips, online and offline manuals, and a well-engineered user interface allows simplifying the operations. Drag & Drop functions allow the movement of containers and modules with the mouse over the page. The cart allows users to recover any modules, pages and content that were previously deleted. All that makes DotNetNuke an undisputed leader.

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